A website is the digital home of your business and an opportunity to present your product/services to a large audience. Unlike printed brochures a website should be continuously updated with fresh content.

You will need the following:

Domain Name/Address
The domain name is the address of your website where visitors will find your online presence. You can register a domain name online at any domain name registrars such as VentraIP. Make sure you check the cost of the annual renewal fees before you sign up. Some registrars can overcharge you for a service that should be max $20/year for a domain such as yourbusiness.com.au.

Think about your content before you start building your website and collect information and ideas in a document.
It is crucial that your content is interesting, relevant, accurate and unique (don’t just copy/paste from other websites).

Create your website
You will need a web space to host your website and software to put your content online:

  • Online website creator platforms such as WordPress.com, Vix.com, Squarespace.com or Weebly.com offer hosting and website builder in one place for free or at a low cost for premium services. This can make the start very easy.
  • If you want more flexibility you can find your own web hosting company, preferably with servers in Australia to make your website load faster. E.g. VentraIP offer affordable Australian internet hosting. The package needed will depend on your needs and plans. However, if you’re just preparing to make your first steps, a shared hosting such as this will be sufficient and you can upgrade later if needed.
    Most hosting providers offer one-click installations of popular content management tools such as WordPress.org
  • For larger online projects you might consider the help of a specialised online agency.