Spring is a great time for a clean out — so why not give your online life a fresh start as well?

Refreshing your online life is simple and can greatly limit the exposure of your information online. Here are some tips to get your digital spring clean started:

1. Clean up your computer

Ensure all your software is up-to-date and you have anti-virus software installed which is regularly scanning for malware.

2. De-clutter your mobile devices

Check you’ve made the latest updates to your phone.

Delete or uninstall apps you no longer need and apply updates to all apps you want to keep. You can even set these updates to happen automatically.

Delete temporary internet files and other unnecessary data, to free up more space on your phone.

3. Delete or de-activate old accounts

Getting lots of junk emails for services you subscribed to but now no longer use? You can delete these accounts and unsubscribe from marketing emails. This should clear out your inbox, and make it easier to spot phishing emails.

4. Back up what you don’t want to lose

Once you have purged your computer and devices of unwanted files, back-up everything you want to keep. You can choose to back up to a cloud provider or to a hard drive you keep offline.

5. Search for yourself online

See what information you can find on yourself and find out the source. Are your social media accounts using effective privacy controls? Review privacy settings on all of your accounts. Ensure you understand how each platform protects and uses your information.

Plan ahead

Set reminders in your calendar to do each step throughout the year.

Allowing automatic updates for operating systems, software and apps can save you the trouble of remembering. You can also set back-ups to happen automatically as well.

Your information is incredibly important. Freshening up your online life regularly will help protect your information and your privacy.

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